Wood Painting Designs for Furniture

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Wood furnishings can be transformed with a variety of paint strategies. From including decorative designs to metallic paints, an aged piece of furnishings can seem brand new. Paint can be extra utilizing a brush, rolled on or sprayed. Aspects these types of as florals and other decorative models add temperament and uniqueness to each piece. Below are five wood painting designs for furniture.

Distressing Approach

Paint can be extra in numerous levels to give a distressed appearance. Incorporate a base coat of paint. Once dry, include a 2nd coat of paint in a contrasting coloration. Using sand paper or a steel pad, lightly scrape and sand the very first layer of paint off on edges of household furniture. The base shade is revealed. A coat of obvious polyurethane is optional, but will incorporate additional defense.

Ornamental Floral Designs

Ornamental floral designs can be added utilizing a wide variety of paint tools. Stencils,stamps and freehand brush work include a custom made truly feel to furnishings. The household furniture ought to have an existing foundation coat. Paint can typically be additional specifically above the best of this. A crystal clear coat of polyurethane will seal the attractive pattern in area.

Crackle Paint

Crackle paint adds textures and an aged look to wooden furniture. A base coat of paint is utilized initial. When dry, a crackle medium is applied. As soon as the area is tacky, the second coat of paint is utilized making use of rollers, brushes or sponges. The crackle outcome commences instantly on the closing layer of paint. Once the area has crackled and is dry, normally 24 hours, include a crystal clear polyurethane top coat for more protection.

Multitone Result

Drawers, base cupboards and other elements of home furniture can be painted different colors. A selection of different styles and models can be extra working with stencils and stamps. Knobs and components can also be painted to match.

Metallic Results

Metallic paint can be additional for a modern appear. The painted furnishings will have a reflective shimmering surface area when done. Relying on the form of metallic paint ordered the sheen degree can be satin or shiny. Metallic paint can be sprayed on or rolled on. It is suggested to apply a dim foundation coat of black or brown before the metallic paint. Many coats of paint are expected.

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