Platform Bed Plans – Why DIY The P-Bed ?

Submitted by brightbai on Wed, 05/11/2016 - 08:00

A few months ago My wife and I had finally had ok of our old, lumpy bed. I was waking up with back pain so bad I had trouble getting into my car and we both were getting lousy sleep. I got out the measuring tape and found my side of the bed dipped 2 inches from the middle to foot the middle and my wife’s side was worse. After talking it over we decided if we were getting a new mattress we might as well upgrade to a king size.

King size is pricey and we didn’t want to spend the money on a bed frame that wasn’t going to match our dressers so we looked into platform beds. I found a few plans online, but the basic design was so simple that I decided I need a good set of quality platform bed plans to go buy. I wanted to do the job right and as perfect as possible. This would be my first attempt at building a platform bed, so having the best plans possible was very important. Also, I needed plans good enough to make sure the bed would hold up.

I want to build one since we’re thinking about getting a new bed anyway and this would be a much cheaper solution than buying a brand new bed set for an arm and a leg or another mortgage on the house. When my bed is done, maybe I will build a bunk bed for my two sons. Well, I do not recommend just using any old platform bed plans out there, as I quickly found out.

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