Pergola Plans-Step by Step Instructions

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These pergola plans have a simple design, making it a simple project for just about anyone to build. This pergola will fit on a 10′x10′ base. If you need a different size, study the plans and modify it to any size you need. Once you study the plans you can get a good idea of what is involved and you can build one to fit the area you need.

For an 8 ft. square (8′x8′) the support beams, crossbeams, and slats will measure 10 ft.

For a 10 ft. square (10′x10) the support beams, crossbeams, and slats will measure 12 ft. (as shown in the guide below).

For a 12 ft. square (12′x12′) the support beams, crossbeams, and slats will measure 14 ft.

The guide below shows a simple design for the support beams, crossbeams, and slats.

Remember to check the zoning laws in your area for permits and other requirements.

10′x10′ Pergola Plans Material List

Disc. Qty. Size
4×4 presure-treated post 4 9′
2×6 (support beams) 4 12′
2×6 (crossbeams) 7 12′
2×6 (brace) 4 3′
2×6 (brace) 4 3′ 5″
2×4 (slats) 5 12′
2×6 (post caps) 4 5 1/2″
trim (for 4×4 post cut to size)    
4×4 post anchors (plus anchor screws and nails) 4  
3″ outdoor screws    
4″ outdoor screws    
2″ finishing nails    
3″ finishing nails    
construction adhesive    


The bottom is measured with the trim on the 4×4 post (the 4×4 post are 10 ft. squared).

Assembly (4×4 post & support beams)


Position and anchor the 4×4 post anchors using the anchor screws( use longer 4×4 post if you are setting them in the ground with concrete). Make sure it is squared.

Install the 4×4 post to the anchors, nail them in place, and make sure they are leveled. Use a temporary brace to hold them in place if necessary.


Cut the ends of the support beams as shown above. Here are more designs you can use for the ends.


Install the support beams to the 4×4 post using 3″ outdoor screws. Use clamps to position and hold them in place.

The support beams will stick out 12″ on both ends.

The support beams will be 3″ below the top of the 4×4 post.


Use a level to make sure both support beams are leveled with each other.

Assembly (crossbeams, trim & brace)


Cut the ends of the crossbeam as shown above (more designs here). The crossbeams are notched to fit into the support beams.

Use 4″ outdoor screws, screw through the top of the crossbeams and into the support beam.


Cut trim to size and install using construction adhesive and 2″ finishing nails.




Cut the 2×4 slats as shown above. Position on top of the crossbeam, clamp it down, mark the notches for each one separately.

Use 3″ outdoor screws, screw through the slats and into the crossbeams.


Use a 2×6 to make the post caps. Cut the 2×6 to 5 1/2″ and bevel as shown above. Use construction adhesive and 3″ finishing nails to secure.





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