Furniture Veneer

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Furture Veneer means a thin layer of wood or other material glued down to the wooden piece. This thin exterior coating is known as veneer and may be composed of real wood, wood laminate, or a resin product designed to mimic the look or marble or other natural elements.  In general, veneer is used to provide a richer look to furniture constructed with less expensive materials.

Veneer is not a modern invention. Thousands of years ago, fabulous veneer work in ebonyand ivory was put into King Tut’s tomb in Egypt. Veneer techniques in the Renaissance became very sophisticated, using tiny pieces of exotic woods and burl grain to create intricate designs or lavish scenes, called marquetry or intarsia work. Much of the finest royal furniture for hundreds of years employed lavish veneer construction, using the finest species of wood and tiny pieces of burl or exotic grain.


Veneers may be made from any number of materials, but among the most common and widely available are wood veneers. Maple, mahogany and exotic hardwoods are among some of the materials used to craft thin wooden veneers.

Other Types

Some furniture might even have a veneer of plastic, concrete or melamime. As with wood, these veneers would be applied in a thin layer over a solid surface furniture base or form.


In general, veneer furniture is much more affordable than furniture constructed of solid wood. Veneers may also be used purely for more elaborate decorative motifs that would be difficult to create in very thick, solid pieces of wood. Thus, the benefits may be aesthetic as well as economic.


Wood and other veneers are applied in a thin layer, almost like a top coat, to a piece of furniture and attached by skilled craftsmen with wood glues or strong adhesives in order to present a uniform and long-lasting final product.


Veneer furniture is extremely easy to find, and may be bought anywhere furniture is sold. With the cost and labor-intensive process of producing solid wood pieces, not to mention the concern over trees as a diminishing commodity, veneer furniture has become increasingly popular and is easy to find.

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