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Using cheap 2×4 lumber, you can study building an easy bookcase to sophistication any room. Outdoors, modern design may be used to display books, CD?s, DVD?s, art or photographs. By discoloration or painting your simple bookcase you are able to provide an elegant or chic finish, to fit your remaining interior decor.

To construct this simple bookcase you’ll need:

5 hardwood boards, 26 inches by 12 inches (for shelves).

4 2×4 lumber, 59 inches lengthy (for that side frame).

4 2×4 lumber, 8 inches lengthy (for that side supports).

6 2×4 lumber, 26 inches lengthy (for that back supports).

Headless nails (if you prefer a sleek look), or regular nails (if you prefer a rough look)

 Assemble the side frames. Along side it frames is going to be constructed from the 59 inch lengthy lumber and also the eight inch lumber. Place two bits of 59 inch lumber facing one another, then place eight inch lumber together at the very top and bottom and nail in position. Repeat the key to build the other side frame for the simple bookcase.

Build the easy bookcase back. Connect along side it frames by placing a 26 inch lumber section at the very top and bottom and nailing in position. Then place the extra four sections seven inches apart. Tip: Make sure to squeeze four inch side facing the leading from the bookcase.

Add shelves for your simple bookcase. Squeeze five shelves three inches below each 26 inch back support, then nail in position.

Sand, stain or fresh paint. Sand this straightforward bookcase no matter whether you want to fresh paint or stain it. Sanding will remove bumps and uneven connections between your bookcase sections. For beautiful wood finish, use shellac or lacquer. For any more contemporary look, condition the wood with wood conditioner, then fresh paint the bookcase with chic colors like whitened, black or red-colored. To have an industrial look, use metal spray fresh paint.

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