Bed Design in Wood – Platform Bed

Submitted by brightbai on Wed, 05/11/2016 - 06:08

At first, I think I can get some free Platform Bed Plans on the internet, so I could get started on the porject. Well, I searched on the web and found some free bed designs in wood. Yes, I found some free plans.

I followed the plans to build the beds. After my first couple of tries, the beds were finished. Annie climbed up on the bed to test it out. The beds just weren’t sturdy enough. They were wobbly and the bed slats on one of the beds didn’t hold up. Since I’m not a experenced woodworking guy and the instructions are not detailed, I found it was not easy to build any project in wood. I wasted the slats and other materials. Obviously the free plan didn’t work out. I need more step by step instrucion plans.

I asked some of my friends for advice and one of them recommended a website of a library of woodworking plans to me. He used the plan and built his own bed. He was very satisfied with his DIY bed and he was certain that library contained some high quality premium pltform bed plans.

I’m so excited that the library of plans included a large amount of high-quality woodworking plans for just about anything you wanted. They contained perfectly clear diagrams, step-by-step instructions, the tools you needed, measurements and even the types of suggested wood for what you wanted to make.

Using those platform bed plans, I ended up my bed. The plans made the job much easier and much simpler too, even if I’m a new wood buddy.

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